base & Veritone a Year in Review 2021

base & Veritone a Year in Review 2021

Throughout 2021, base and Veritone have continued to innovate under difficult circumstances. Implementing a landmark solution for Extreme E and attending the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum were the highlights of the year.

Extreme E implemented a fully remote production for the global race series, which includes live coverage across race weekends, highlight shows, 30 minute race previews and over 300 VOD films for digital. It was a truly global operation with on-site content capture from locations such as Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Greenland, to a Barcelona-based AI system managing the car telemetry with AR and VR overlays in the Netherlands.

The base and Veritone partnership enabled Extreme E to manage content, with the ability to upload from anywhere into a centralised storage location as well as manipulate, search, view and download. Veritone’s Digital Media Hub (DMH), a cloud-native storage and content distribution platform, powers their operation. We manage this by integrating Digital Media Hub with our accelerated file transfer and cloud storage platform.

After transmission, all live programming and other content including highlights and digital content is uploaded to Digital Media Hub for rights holders to search, view, and use. More than 70 broadcasters have negotiated rights to Extreme E including Discovery, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, BBC, ProSieben Maxx, Disney ESPN and TV Globo.

“The benefits of cloud production and distribution with base and Veritone is a real 101 for us,” said Dave Adey, head of broadcast and technology for Extreme E. “It’s the initial building blocks that we needed.”

In November, base and Veritone co-sponsored the Broadcast Sport Tech Innovation Forum at the BFI Southbank in London. A highlight of the event was a live panel called Racing Through the Clouds. BASE and Veritone were joined by Rupert Williamson, Events Director, Gran Turismo Explore Studio, Polyphony Digital Inc.

Rupert spoke in detail about the work his team are doing to support the famous FIA Gran Turismo Championships. Digital Media Hub, integrated with base’s accelerated file transfer and cloud storage platform, is used to support the production and distribution of all broadcast and event content around the world. With the combined technology, we brought together multiple production partners, teams, drivers, and other key stakeholders.

A key reason for success was the way that Digital Media Hub supported remote content upload from more than 50 drivers located all over the world during the World Finals. It was a COVID-19 related challenge that was overcome by the base and Veritone powered cloud-native solution.

“The Veritone and the base partnership is so successful because we have common business values and goals—in simple terms, we speak the same language.” said David Candler, Senior Director of Customer Solutions at Veritone. “We were both very early cloud adopters and continue to take full advantage of key cloud-native innovations and working practices. We also fully understand the enormous opportunity for Artificial Intelligence to assist in virtually every customer use case that we come across on our travels together. We look forward to continuing our combined success story for years to come.”

Building on our success with products like Digital Media Hub, base, and Veritone aim to expand their portfolio in the media and entertainment space with Enterprise AI solutions. With our consultative approach with customers, we can work with Veritone to uncover new use cases for artificial intelligence, growing our offerings together in 2022.

“base is proud to be working with Veritone on our distribution services for sports, ad agencies and gaming brands. It has been fantastic working on Extreme E and the FIA Gran Turismo Championships in 2021 against a complex market backdrop and we look forward to pushing new boundaries in enterprise AI for our global customer base in 2022 and beyond” concludes Ben Foakes, base CEO.