How Extreme E, Formula E and Airspeeder are utilizing base to accelerate in the cloud

How Extreme E, Formula E and Airspeeder are utilizing base to accelerate in the cloud

How Extreme E, Formula E and Airspeeder are utilizing base to accelerate in the cloud

In recent years, the world of motorsports has experienced a remarkable transformation, embracing cutting-edge technology and sustainability like never before. Three pioneering championships have emerged at the forefront of this thrilling revolution: Extreme E, Formula E, and Airspeeder. These innovative racing series have captivated the imaginations of fans worldwide, not only for their high-speed battles on the track but also for their shared commitment to environmental preservation.

base has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the way these championships capture, manage, and distribute their content, providing an unrivaled level of engagement and interaction for fans around the globe.

Base has become an essential tool for these championships in their quest for sustainability, innovation, and entertainment, becoming a driving force behind their digital revolution, ensuring that fans and enthusiasts alike are seamlessly connected to the future of motorsports.

This is how each of the championships utilizes base's cloud-based tools to speed up their workflows and deliver content in the fastest, most secure way possible, while also keeping their green ideals front and center.


How Airspeeder Utilizes base's Cloud-Based Tools for a Sustainable Racing Series

Airspeeder, the world's first racing series for manned flying electric cars, envisions accelerating a mobility revolution through competition. In 2021, the series introduced its first competitive races, known as the EXA Series. Full-scale flying cars navigate digitally-governed tracks in the sky, delivering close proximity racing and introducing a compelling new sport. What sets Airspeeder apart is its minimal ecological impact, making it a sustainable choice for the future of both motorsports and transportation.

At the start of its journey Airspeeder enlisted base to construct an end-to-end digital media workflow. Throughout the series, an enormous amount of data is processed, including digital media content distributed online and used on social media. Additionally, the Robot 'Aviators,' which mimic the movements of the human pilot on the ground, generate analytical data. All this data is seamlessly captured, transferred, and stored in the cloud, expertly managed by base.

base's cloud-based infrastructure allows Airspeeder's team to collaborate from anywhere in the world, which is particularly crucial due to the distant and isolated locations they operate in. Working remotely enables flexibility and scalability, reducing the need for excessive travel and freight, thus aligning with Airspeeder's commitment to the environment.

The solution is designed to scale up and down as demand fluctuates on race days and allows for easy relocation to series locations. Building a fully cloud-based workflow, base has enabled Airspeeder to maintain a consistent workflow regardless of their location. By integrating a suite of industry-leading editing, distribution, and storage tools, base worked closely with Airspeeder to develop a bespoke solution tailored to their specific needs.

By leveraging base's innovative solutions, these championships are not only redefining their respective sports but also inspiring a broader movement towards sustainable practices across the sports industry. With their commitment to environmental preservation and cutting-edge technology, Extreme E, Formula E, and Airspeeder are leading the way towards a more sustainable and exciting future for motorsports and with base as their trusted partner, they can continue to revolutionize the industry while staying true to their shared vision of a greener, faster, and more connected world.

Extreme E : Putting the cloud at the forefront of extreme sports

With 30 percent of the planet's CO2 emissions coming from transport, Extreme E exists to showcase the performance of electric vehicles and accelerate their adoption. As such, Extreme E needs to bring its environmental messaging with as little production footprint as possible and accommodate live broadcasts in locations that are remote and infrastructure-free.

Using base's portal, Extreme E uploads race footage directly into an IBM S3 bucket, using Aspera's accelerated file transfer tool. base then plugs in a Veritone Digital Media Hub (DMH), a content media asset management system, that generates proxies and indexes all the files into content categories. By ingesting all the files' metadata, the DMH can extract that information and map it into the content uploaded in the DMH. Race highlights are time-dependent, and fans want highlight footage as soon as possible. This process allows faster upload times and makes it easy to find the content that creators need for remote collaboration and production to get race highlights out to fans.

When content creators use the DMH, they can browse through Extreme E's archive, share content, and invite other users on the platform to add content. In the DMH, Extreme E can also monetize its video assets by creating a purchase system where users can add assets to their carts and purchase them for news or social media highlights on external platforms. base allows Extreme E's team to collaborate seamlessly from wherever they are in the world without creating a large carbon footprint.


Formula E: Revolutionizing Electric Street Racing with base Solutions

Formula E is the leading electric street racing series, distinguished as the world's first fully-electric international single-seater category in motorsport. Both Formula E and its host broadcast and digital production partners rely on base's solutions to upload, store, search, play, and deliver a wide range of media content seamlessly. This includes live race footage, program information, highlight programs and packages, video news releases, press material, promotional material, magazine shows, and archive content.

With base's storage and file transfer solution seamlessly integrated with a newly designed, fully branded SaaS portal for media management, Formula E gains secure search, viewing, and syndication capabilities for its media assets—all accessible through an intuitive Formula E-branded web interface. This joint design allows for flexibility and modularity, enabling the addition of services as Formula E's requirements evolve.

Formula E's team benefits from a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge cloud storage and media software tools provided by base. These tools include cloud storage, file transfer, transcoding, and cloud editing, which effectively address the increasing challenges brought about by the rising volumes of media files acquired, processed, and delivered throughout race days. The team can access these tools from anywhere in the world using just a laptop and a stable internet connection, eliminating the financial and environmental costs associated with traditional hardware-based alternatives.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Motorsports in the Cloud


In conclusion, Extreme E, Formula E, and Airspeeder have embraced base's cloud-based tools to accelerate their workflows, deliver captivating content, and prioritize sustainability. These championships revolutionize motorsports by showcasing the potential of electric vehicles while minimizing environmental impact. With base's solutions, they can seamlessly collaborate, manage, and distribute media content worldwide, reducing their carbon footprint and staying at the forefront of technology. Through cloud-based workflows and eco-friendly practices, Extreme E, Formula E, and Airspeeder are shaping the future of motorsports in the cloud.

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