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base's customer stories

“There is a lot more productivity in the early stage as editors can really get their heads down on their own. In the later stages of an edit, live streaming video technology allows producers and directors to collaborate seamlessly.

Simon Green
Founder & CEO, Green Rock
base's customer stories

"Having a good foundation of media software, cloud infrastructure and the ability to remote edit was something we needed. base was pivotal in levelling us up to a media entity that is professional, and that’s where we want to be."

Stephen Sidlo
Head of Media, Airspeeder
base's customer stories

"We selected base as our cloud solutions partner because they stood out in the crowd as a high-quality, very experienced team with a forward-looking approach to media workflows. They understood what we needed and tailored a custom cloud for us, instead of being a product company trying to push their particular tool. With base, my team can literally go onto wi-fi, login to a web browser and get their jobs done."

Remy Minute
CEO, Narrative Entertainment