Powering Extreme E’s remote live production

Powering Extreme E’s remote live production

A multi-cloud distribution platform from base and Veritone helps off-road racing series Extreme E store, manage and share assets with multiple global partners.

Extreme E

From racing in the desert to a deforested jungle, Extreme E brings the thrill of electric rally-style racing to highlight climate change awareness. With 30 percent of the planet’s CO2 emissions coming from transport, Extreme E exists to showcase the performance of electric vehicles and accelerate their adoption. As such, Extreme E needs to bring its environmental messaging with as little of a production footprint as possible and accommodate live broadcast with locations that are remote and infrastructure-free.

The Solutions

Using base’s portal, Extreme E upload race footage directly into an IBM S3 bucket, using Aspera’s accelerated file transfer tool. base then plug in a Veritone Digital Media Hub (DMH), a content media asset management system, that generates proxies and indexes all the files into content categories. By ingesting all the files’ metadata, the DMH can extract that information and map it into the content uploaded in the DMH. Race highlights are time dependent, and fans want highlight footage as soon as possible. This process allows faster upload times and makes it easy to find the content that creators need for remote collaboration and production to get race highlights out to fans.

When content creators are using the DMH, they can browse through Extreme E’s archive, share content, and invite other users in the platform to add content. In the DMH, Extreme E also can monetise their video assets by creating a purchase system where users can add assets in their carts and purchase it for news or social media highlights on external platforms. The system is very straightforward and easy to use, no matter where users are located in the world. Overall, seamless collaboration can be achieved without a creating a large carbon footprint – aligning with Extreme E’s goals.