Racing Past Media monetised archive content using cloud-based workflow

Racing Past Media monetised archive content using cloud-based workflow

Racing Past Media enlisted base to archive their content from tape to digital and monetise content using a media asset management system.

Racing Past Media

Racing Past Media has recently acquired a vast set of archives from the sporting world. These tapes, originally stored on several lorries just outside of London, are being digitalised and the collections organised to create a repository of material at your fingertips.

To make sure the material gets the airtime it deserves the collections will be uploaded in such a way that enables them to be tagged and searched, saving hours sifting through footage. This enables the material to be distributed seamlessly and ultimately monetised, with Racing Past Media owning the rights to the content.

The workflow is simple, Racing Past Media have chosen Iron Mountain Entertainment Services as their digitalisation partner to take the content from tape to digital. Once this process is complete, the digital assets are uploaded to an IBM S3 storage bucket in the base portal via an accelerated file transfer.

Attached to the S3 bucket is a Media Asset Management system, Veritone Digital Media Hub, which generates the proxies and indexes all the files into the different content libraries. By ingesting an XML with all the metadata from the files, we can extract that information and map it to the content in the Media Asset Management system.

Once uploaded each set of archive material can be searched, shared, and monetised. The monetisation happens in the Media Asset Management system where users can select the content they’d like to use and purchase it. Additional content can be added to the system at any point, using the same workflow, enabling rightsholders to keep all of their content stored and simply managed in one place.