Twickenham Film Studios migrated to a hybrid cloud workflow with base.

Twickenham Studios

Twickenham Film Studios (TFS) offers bespoke production and post-production services for Feature Films, TV and Streaming Series, Documentaries, Music Videos and Commercials. A multi award-winning and much-loved creative campus, TFS features state of the art services and facilities across Studios + Picture + Sound + Workspace + Social. A technical innovation hub for creators, from which to bring Scripts To Screen, including recent work on No Time to Die, House of Gucci and Belfast.

Following a major refurbishment and upgrade of the facilities, TFS has also invested in their software and cloud infrastructure with base. Removing a single point of failure and sole reliance on hardware, the team have migrated to a hybrid cloud workflow. base conducted a workflow audit and consultation to identify key areas of the post-production workflow that could be enhanced. The main areas discovered were secure, accelerated file transfer, dailies storage and Media Asset Management for production collaboration.

An integral requirement for the workflow across all areas of TFS is best-in-class security. It is of the utmost importance to TFS as well as its prestigious clients. With a multitude of files being sent and received across the TFS infrastructure and externally to clients, there is no room for compromise. All base systems require multi-factor authentication and single sign on for users. In addition, all files are encrypted at rest and in transit to create several layers of protection.

The foundation of the TFS cloud platform with base is secure, UK hosted S3 cloud storage, designed for dealing with Petabyte scale movie projects, on demand.  With this in place, TFS have been able to reduce capital investment in on-premise hardware and burst capacity based on production needs. With the foundations of the workflow in place and security features embedded, the solution was built, iterated, tested and delivered quickly and at a significantly lower price point than going direct to public cloud providers. Additional integrations were deployed throughout the project, including the implementation of accelerated file transfer, creating more time for editing and less time waiting for files. A Media Asset Management system was integrated, with a remote review and approval feature enabling Producers to view dailies, edits and deliverables from anywhere. Enhancing the team’s collaboration and removing the geographical restrictions of in-person review meetings, team members can markup comments directly in the software and view the same media in real-time. Teams can access all media and editing software via a laptop and public internet connection.  

Working in such a way has transformed the future for TFS and positioned them as a technical innovation hub for creators, leading the charge in cloud-enabled post production. Adopting a hybrid workflow enhances collaboration, flexible working, and scalability, all in a secure environment.