Interconnection Drives Dynamic Content as Media Industry Embraces Cloud

Cloud-based media solutions business creates global scale and connectivity on Platform Equinix®

“Platform Equinix gives us speed, security and efficiency by enabling us to seamlessly connect multiple cloud services together via our own cloud gateway network. We can spin up resources in minutes, all security accredited. Working from a densely connected location has transformed our efficiency.”

Ben Foakes, Founder and Managing Director, base

Business overview

The media industry is moving faster and becoming more fragmented. With more content being produced and more consumers streaming entertainment, sporting events and news on devices at home, at work and on the go, media companies must be able to serve up the content consumers want whenever they want it. For base, which tailors cloud solutions for digital media companies, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

Business challenge

As a cloud-based services provider in an industry that is increasingly cloud-native, base needed to accommodate the rising volumes of media files being acquired, processed and delivered throughout the media production process. base processes hundreds of terabytes of data for clients every month, requiring maximum bandwidth and bespoke peering with leading cloud and IT partners to make this possible.

In addition, the company needed reliability, security, high speed and low latency (in some cases submilliseconds between services) to satisfy its customers, from producers to delivery systems, for worldwide on-demand data exchange. And it needed the ability to move into new markets quickly.


base’s founder and managing director, Ben Foakes, is a strong believer in the power of the cloud for everything from file backup and file transfer to processing, storage, postproduction and distribution.

In its search for the right solution, the base team turned to Equinix. Platform Equinix is the world’s largest global platform of interconnected data centers and business ecosystems, connecting more than 9,800 companies in 24 countries inside more than 200 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers.

This cloud and network density ensures superior interconnection, powering collaboration among customers and ecosystems, including more than 750 content and digital media companies worldwide. By colocating within the 129,000 square foot (12,000 square meter) Equinix LD6 IBX data center in the London area, base gains direct, private access to content and media companies, cloud and IT service providers, financial service providers and many other companies.

Securely interconnected with digital supply chain partners in dynamic business ecosystems, base can accommodate the increasing volume of media files it handles, while accelerating business performance and reaching new markets.

Business results

With the 99.9999% availability of Platform Equinix for seamless access to multiple cloud providers, base is able to create bespoke service packages with best-of-breed cloud solutions.

The cost savings are significant. Foakes says Platform Equinix has helped reduce base’s data storage costs alone by one-third. For base, the benefits of interconnecting via Platform Equinix are clear:

Provides the agility to react quickly to frequent changes in the digital media industry, such as the transition from satellite to streaming delivery.

Enables the business to accommodate bursts in demand around broadcast events, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Establishes a global expansion roadmap, simplifying the means to open in new Equinix facilities near new markets.

“Platform Equinix means we can peer direct to multiple cloud providers. This has a huge impact on the ability to control data traffic costs,” says Foakes.

About Equinix

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most-interconnected data centers. On this global platform for digital business, companies come together across more than 50 markets on five continents to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything they need to create their digital futures.

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Ben Foakes, CEO, base