base professional services

base provides expert professional services to manage large-scale, end-to-end digital transformation projects. The team works with clients from project inception through to delivery, simplifying their journey to the cloud. A base professional services project is managed by a dedicated project manager following a comprehensive process.


professional services process

analysis & design

base Professional Services conduct business, systems and workflow analysis to discover, understand and document detailed client requirements. base Solutions Architects use the captured requirements to inform the high-level design for a base custom cloud platform, tailored to your needs.  

Enterprise cloud solution
Enterprise cloud solution

build & develop

base Cloud Engineering teams build, integrate and configure the custom cloud solution leveraging best-in-class multi-cloud infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service components. base Software Development teams design, develop, test and deploy base software integrations, micro services and full-stack cloud applications to simplify and streamline end user workflows.

onboard & support

base Customer Success teams work with clients to plan and conduct user training, data migration, workflow configurations and ongoing account management, guiding users through the entire process. base Technical Support teams manage and support all custom cloud solutions, with optional Premium Support SLAs and 24/7/365 cover available for Enterprise clients. Clients benefit from a single support contract, covering multiple tools in the cloud.

Enterprise cloud solution

Q&A with
Zain Geddes

Head of Professional Services

What is your role within Professional Services?

As Head of Professional Services, I lead the Professional Services team  delivering custom, integrated media solutions and digital transformation for our clients. It’s a highly collaborative team and department requiring us to work with all areas of the business.

In your words, what is Professional Services?

A specialized team with expert knowledge in integrated online media solutions. The team can advise and implement digital transformation strategies, leveraging advancement in technology to create strategic foundational change. It involves the integration of technology into all areas of a business, resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. With it, comes a multitude of benefits for the business, including strategic, operational and cost.

Why should enterprises use Professional Services?

Navigating the world of technology is getting more complicated. It can be overwhelming to try to find the right tools and solutions, as well as expertise. Every business is unique, and solutions are not one size fits all. It is imperative to ensure you do not use technology to replace what you’ve done before but using a different tool.

Engaging with Professional Services allows you to step back, see the bigger picture and where you are heading. Having a trusted partner to help you realise your vision; by removing the complexities and collaborating with all internal teams, technology departments, stakeholders and end users to ensure everyone is aligned as a whole.

What can enterprises expect from working with base?

base is an expert in our software and solutions - you are the experts in your business. We are a partner foremost, an extension of your team. Engaging with base, brings the benefit of taking your strategy and having a team to deliver the execution. Our success comes from making your business dreams and goals a reality.

latest projects

Narrative benefits from Media Asset Management solution

base's cloud-based Media Library (MAM) solution allows Narrative to manage assets easily from any location, making for an ease of collaboration. Narrative can also trigger custom transcoding, automated quality control and broadcast file delivery workflows from one seamless interface.

Airspeeder gains speed through Media Asset Management

By using base's MAM solution, Airspeeder benefited from this bespoke, fit for purpose solution. Airspeeder's cloud workflow can be accessed anywhere in the world and is integrated with a suite of industry-leading editing, distribution and storage tools - allowing for a productive, seamless workflow.

Twickenham Film Studios benefits from cloud-based workflow

Through a workflow audit and consultation, base identified key areas of TFS's post-production that could be enhanced through a cloud-based workflow solution. These included secure, accelerated file transfer, dallies storage, and Media Asset Management for production collaboration.

Pall Mall benefit from base's cloud integration solutions

67 Pall Mall needed to be able to access content remotely and collaborate seamlessly to launch their own channel. base created a bespoke workflow consisting of a media library, accelerated file transfer, and cloud storage - enabling scalability and flexibility.

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