Benefits of Cloud Backup

Benefits of Cloud Backup

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Benefits of Cloud Backup

Why is data backup so important? 93% of organisations that lose data because of a disaster, file for bankruptcy within one year. To move away from the possibility of a catastrophic data loss, consider backing up your company’s vital information to the cloud. Here are a few benefits to cloud backup:

Minimise risk: Move away from single points of failure by securely syncing on-premise systems to a secure, off-site cloud infrastructure. By backing up data in multiple centres rather than one location, it is the best protection from outside threats or natural disaster. Backing up your files to the cloud is also better than manually copying files onto another drive, thus improving compliance safeguards.

Cost-effective: Cloud backup takes advantage of existing infrastructure, so you do not have to worry about purchasing any new equipment. Once it is set up, there is little to no effort to maintain. No more manual tape-based backups. Cloud backup solutions offload these functions, freeing up your staff. Each cloud backup plan is unique to each customer, allowing for scalability and transparency.  

Secure, fast data: Automatically synchronise your assets to the cloud from your local hardware. All digital files securely backed up in the cloud, encrypted and nothing is lost whilst working. Instead of waiting hours, cloud-based recovery enables you to restore data in minutes, so you can get what you need when you need it – no matter the time or location.

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