Benefits of Transcoding

Benefits of Transcoding

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Benefits of Transcoding

Tired of the manual labour that comes with transcoding? With transcoding through the cloud, you’ll be able to take away some stress from your postproduction. Here are some benefits to cloud-based transcoding:

Adaptive: With adaptive bitrate streaming, this allows viewers to switch between video sources depending on internet connection and device. Custom transcodes can be made for different destinations. Instead of reducing resolution for all streams, you can transcode the original video source down to a separate lower resolution stream. Overall, less bandwidth is required and therefore there is less stress on your encoder.  

Timesaving: In most cases, local video transcoding is a bit slower. This results in multiple files that you must manually transcode, upload and manage separately.  With moving encoding/transcoding to the cloud, content creators free up time from having to maintain a server farm. Transcoding on the cloud allows teams to produce range of content to transcode via one platform.

Scalable service: Transcoding using the cloud is scalable. You only pay for what you use, as a subscription or by month. Simplicity, security, and a reduction in management time are what complete transcoding over the cloud.

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